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Dieser Aufwärtstrend ist nicht alleine auf das Interesse begrenzt, sondern auch bei der Suche und beim Shopping deutlich erkennbar.We are very happy to welcome our international website visitors on our English website section
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New trainers at the AGOF Academy

The AGOF Academy has expanded its field of activity thus enhanced its expertise!
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What is the exact definition for CATI?

The new AGOF glossary shows you the correct media definition for a whole bunch of technical terms.
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The Arbeitsgemeinschaft Online Forschung (AGOF) [Working Group for Online Media Research] is an affiliation of the leading online marketers in Germany. By providing a standardised online coverage currency and comprehensive data on online media consumption, AGOF makes the classic and mobile Internet a transparent and plannable advertising medium


Meet the AGOF Academy

The AGOF Academy is the educational institution close to business practice offered by AGOF. To discover our which manifold advanced training on offer please take a look here:

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